Working principle of touch doorbell

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Touch doorbell systems are widely used in high-end hotels, luxury hotels, star hotels, motels, and other places, but they are also applied to apartments, townhouses, and other modern office buildings. Touch doorbells allow hotels to say goodbye to the traditional era of hanging paper signs and enter a new era of intelligence to allow unimpeded communication between indoors and outdoors, giving guests a quiet space while enhancing the class of the hotel.

Usually, the electronic switch points up (normal state) when the indoor host does not receive a useful signal

At this time, the telephone outside line is connected to the telephone, and the indoor host is cut off, the telephone can be used normally; when the indoor

host receives a useful signal and needs to switch the electronic switch, it will control the electronic switch pointing down (anti-theft)

state) so that the telephone outside line is cut off from the telephone set and connected to the indoor mainframe, to carry out burglar alarms and other

The electronic switch will be controlled to point down (burglar-proof state) to cut off the external telephone line from the telephone and connect it to the indoor host for burglar alarm and other processing.

Touch doorbell structure

The structure of the touch doorbell is mainly composed of a host, extension, UPS power supply, electric lock, decoder, protector, video amplifier, signal center,

protector, video amplifier, signal repeater, signal converter, video switcher, host selector

Network aggregator, hub, digital signal converter, optical transceiver, door closers, etc.

Touch doorbell core components

The core components of the touch doorbell are an intelligent control board, display speaker, sensor, indoor host, and outdoor host.

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