1、What is the signal transmission band of the doorbell?

Europe 868Mhz, the United States 915 Mhz;

2, Doorbell signal transmission distance?

Our experimental test is the signal distance can be up to
300 meters, separated by 1-2 walls available. General self-built houses, villas, first floor, second floor, part of the environment of the third floor can also be used;

3, Wifi connection signal support how many G?

TL-AH708 and TL-AH801 dual-frequency signal, support
2.4G, 5G signal;

Other networkable products support 2.4G;

4、Can the doorbell be used with networking?

TL-AH708-B1 can not be networked.

TL-AH708-B3 and TL-AH801-C3 can be networked, support
Acebell App, Tuya App.

Intelligent baby monitor can be connected to the Internet and support
Acebell App and Tuya App;

5、What are the pixels of doorbell and display?

The doorbell lens pixel is
200w, and the display pixel is 1080P;

6、Sensing distance of PIR?

3-5 meters;

7, Does it support night vision video recording?

Support,he doorbell is fitted with an infrared night vision light, intelligently optimised for night vision mode, so that you can see clearly outside the door even in the darkness of the night.

8, Doorbell waterproof grade?

IP55 waterproof;

9, The doorbell is pure wireless?

Yes, it is. Pure wireless, installation without drilling holes, no wiring. Save a lot of labor and financial resources;

10、How many volts of current does the doorbell support?

Support DC:
DC 8-36V;

Support AC:
AC 8-24V;

11, How long is the battery standby of the doorbell?

Doorbell standby power consumption 285uA, pure standby time up to
4-6 months;

12, Indoor machine battery standby time?

4-8 hours;

13、How to install the doorbell?

Tear off the 3M adhesive sticker on the back of the doorbell, stick it on the position you need to install and press it tightly, then tighten the fixing screws.

14, Machine warranty time?

2 years;

15. Machine quality problems:

Use the following methods to contact us, we will provide perfect after-sales service.


Wechat: +86-13480464136

Skype: andyjiangguangren

Email: yw1@dgjiasong.com

16、How to do the upgrade of the doorbell?

The Internet version of the doorbell all support one-key upgrade. There are software problems with the machine, which can be solved by one-key upgrade. After-sales worry-free;

17、Support storage size?

Maximum support for
128G, but 32G storage has been able to store nearly 2 years of video footage;

18, In addition to the doorbell, what services are provided?

Provide program customization in the field of wireless transmission, can provide SDK and PCBA custom production;
With the unremitting pursuit of "high quality, high technology, high cost-effective and perfect service", Tianluo Technology creates win-win situation with customers and wins the favorable comments from domestic and foreign customers.

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