What is Wireless Visual Doorbell?

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Wireless Visual Doorbell: A Must for Modern Home Security

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standards, home security is getting more and more attention. As a part of modern smart home, wireless visual doorbell has gradually become a must-have choice for home security system with its convenient, practical and efficient features. This article will introduce the advantages, functions, installation and use of wireless visual doorbell, to help you better understand this convenient home security products.


First,Advantages of wireless visual doorbell

No wiring: Due to the use of wireless technology, there is no need for wiring within the home, easy to install, saving time and effort.

High-definition picture quality: wireless visual doorbell is usually equipped with high-definition camera, which can provide clear and smooth video call effect.

Two-way call: Users can make two-way calls with visitors through the wireless visual doorbell to achieve remote answering.

Motion Detection Alarm: When the doorbell senses an abnormal situation, such as someone passing by or staying, it can trigger an alarm and notify the owner in time.

Night vision function: Some wireless visual doorbells have infrared night vision function, which can clearly capture images even in dark environment.


Second,the function of wireless visual doorbell

Remote monitoring: through the mobile phone APP or other smart devices, users can view the real-time screen at home anytime, anywhere, to understand the situation of visitors at home.

Voice call: wireless visual doorbell supports voice call function, which is convenient for the owner to communicate with visitors.

Video storage: some high-end products support video recording function, can be the door of the dynamic real-time recording and storage, convenient for users to look back at any time.

Intelligent recognition: some wireless visual doorbells have face recognition function, which can record the information of frequent visitors and improve family security.

Alarm Push: When an abnormal situation occurs, the doorbell will inform the user through push notification, so that it can be handled in a timely manner.


Third,the installation and use of wireless visual doorphone

Installation steps: 

a. Fix the doorbell host in a suitable position outside the door, pay attention to waterproof and sunscreen. 

b. Plug the doorbell receiver into the indoor power outlet. 

c. Download the relevant APP and follow the instructions to connect and set up the device.

How to use:

a. Press the doorbell button to trigger the doorbell alarm, and the indoor device will emit sound prompts at the same time. 

b. View the real-time screen on the mobile phone APP and make remote call, video recording and other operations. 

c. Pay attention to the push message to keep abreast of what's going on outside your home.



As a convenient and efficient home security product, wireless visual doorbell is becoming more and more popular. By understanding its advantages, functions, installation and usage, you will be able to better choose the right wireless visual doorbell for your home security. When choosing a product, it is recommended to choose according to the actual needs and budget to ensure a satisfactory use experience.


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