What is the operation of the visual doorbell with dual bands at the same time?

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When buying a doorbell, many customers ask questions because of signal transmission problems. In today's 5G era, most doorbell signals on the market still stay at 2.4G, so if the home is on a 5G network, it cannot be used. So, how does the Jiasong doorbell handle the coexistence of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz dual-band networks? This is based on nearly three years of efforts by Jiasong's R&D team. Specialized research in the field of wireless. Let's take a look at the wireless video intercom doorbell developed by Jiashong Technology. How does it work? Then we will be able to understand the transmission between signals well.

Through the above schematic diagram, let us believe more in the charm of technology to bring people convenience. Then, still in the first line of the market, you have no insight into the market shift to bring customers under the dual-band signal for a more powerful, far-reaching transmission of a wireless visual intercom doorbell.

No need for cloud storage, you can call the video data at any time visual doorbell

Doorbells for better protection of personal health and safety can put our family and friends in danger, bringing personal safety into violation, so criminals can fear the doorbell shooting, which was recorded to bring criminal liability. Take precautions in advance. Even if criminals have the motive to commit the crime, you can record the whole thing. When people are harmed, we can use the legal system to protect our rights. Then the storage of video is particularly important.

Most of the doorbells on the market use cloud storage to store video information. Cloud storage is a model of online storage where data is stored in multiple virtual servers usually hosted by a third party. Thus, when people need to call video information, they need to do so through the cloud server, which stores a very large amount of data, and it is difficult to call video information at the same time. At the same time, privacy is easily leaked. Therefore, personal TF card storage is much better.

The wireless visual intercom doorbell developed by Jiashong Technology is equipped with an independent gateway and TF card. All the information recorded by the doorbell will be stored on the TF card, no need to pay cloud fees at the same time, the storage capacity is large, and there is no worry about privacy leaks. It is also more convenient when you need to call for video information. At the same time, the gateway in the wireless doorbell also serves as a signal transmission transit point. Let the doorbell signal work first through the router and then to the wifi. Make the signal of the doorbell more powerful and facilitate further transmission. For your and your family's safety, hurry up and get a set of wireless video intercom doorbells!

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