What is the doorbell signal transmission in different frequency bands?

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People's awareness of safety and security has increased, and the demand for wireless intercom doorbells is becoming more widespread. As a result, more and more doorbells are emerging in the market. Doorbells are generally the same in terms of functional requirements, but in terms of signal transmission, they are divided into different frequency bands. The strength of the signal also determines the distance of transmission. So how do we choose a wireless intercom doorbell with a strong signal when we pick the product?

A wireless doorbell refers to the wireless connection and communication mode of the doorbell. The current domestic wireless doorbell has more than 2.4 GHz and a wifi way to connect. Among them is the wifi doorbell, and the main reason is the price concessions. But the installation and use of 2.4 GHz wireless are more simple and more convenient. So what exactly is the difference between them?

1. The working principle of the difference 2.4G network, is set up within the doorbell band, connected to the gateway. Wifi is the doorbell directly connected to the network.

2. The difference in transmission distance. Short transmission distance: limited by 2.4G transmission distance, usually used in buildings below three floors. wifi is used in any case where there is a network.

Therefore many people choose wifi doorbell which is not hindered by objects with wide signal and is cheap. But this advantage is also the downside of wifi doorbells. Feedback from the market, wifi doorbells will often be dropped because of network instability. The resulting rewiring network is particularly troublesome. In the home when there is a threat to the family's safety, the doorbell's detection of video function is all off. Because it cannot be used normally, the personal safety of the family cannot be guaranteed.

The 2.4G doorbell does not have the above problems. For a family, the transmission distance of 300 meters is sufficient. Stable signal transmission to take care of your and your family's health.

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