The role and the convenience of touch screen implanted in wireless video doorbell

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A touch screen, which can also be called a touch screen, has the advantages of sensitive response speed, easy communication, robustness, space-saving, etc. It is currently the most convenient, simple, and natural way of human-computer interaction; the user only needs to use a finger to gently click the icon or text on the display to operate, bringing great convenience to people's lives.

The capacitive touch screen can realize multi-touch, sensitive operation, with the characteristics of not being easy to accidentally touch, and high durability.

The working principle is to conduct through the current. People touch the screen at the same time, and the finger will pass a very small current to the screen. This current is sensed by the touch screen and will be able to pass to the area that people want to point at.

Nowadays, many intelligent products have invoked the technology of capacitive touch screens to achieve easy operation and use. Wireless doorbell is no exception, from the beginning of the ding-dong doorbell to the wireless doorbell visual intercom, and then from the wireless visual doorbell button operation to the touch screen operation evolution process.

In the doorbell, the application of the touch screen is relatively late compared to other products. The source of the higher cost of implanting the touch screen at the same time is how to be fully compatible with the technology in the doorbell. It is also a technical barrier. Jiasong Technology's R & D team of 20 people took nearly 4 years to develop a new market set for visuals and implant it into the wireless visual doorbell capacitive touch screen, which has a more comprehensive function at the same time and supports the touch screen of a key operation. This greatly meets the needs of the market and makes the doorbell operation easy to use. Especially for cross-border customers, there are language barriers to communication. After the purchase of the doorbell, we encountered networking, pairing, and function setting problems. Often, because the communication is not very smooth, some small problems cannot be well resolved. The final bad reviews and the machine's third and fourth repairs are significant overhead costs for the company. For the store, it also has a big impact. As a result, Jiasong Technology's new full touch screen 7-inch wireless visual doorbell has brought the gospel to many cross-border trade customers. Let cross-border trade merchants have a better product to promote the market at the same time, greatly reducing the cost of after-sales. Jiasong Technology is now doing market investments; interested friends are welcome to call and come to our company to investigate.

With the unremitting pursuit of "high quality, high technology, high cost-effective and perfect service", Tianluo Technology creates win-win situation with customers and wins the favorable comments from domestic and foreign customers.

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