Low power consumption visual intercom doorbell

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With the rapid development of the security industry, the application of video surveillance equipment has put forward more requirements and challenges, and low-power battery video doorbell equipment is one of the representatives. The previous battery-powered visual doorbell was due to the unreasonable design of the power supply architecture, resulting in insufficient standby time, which seriously affected the user experience and product promotion.

The so-called low power consumption is through the cell phone APP or triggers the alarm (PIR or microwave infrared body induction, wake up button, etc.) and other ways to wake up the camera from the hibernation state into the working state.

The camera is usually in a dormant state, when there is an app remote access or someone appears in the monitoring scene, the camera will be woken up and enter the normal function mode (according to the settings, there will be alarm information pushed or alarm video local storage). When the camera's remote access connection is disconnected or the alarm message disappears for some time (which can be a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the settings), the camera will enter sleep mode again and wait to be woken up next time. Note that in the low-power operation mode, the camera cannot be set to 24 hours or timer recording, only alarm recording. To avoid the initial configuration of the user being always in hibernation mode, the camera will set a wake-up button, and the camera can wake up from hibernation mode into a normal working state to facilitate the installation of the camera configuration.

Considering the device power consumption to be low, surveillance cameras with human body sensing alarm equipment mostly use PIR or microwave radar for human body sensing. To make human body detection more accurate, PIR human body induction and microwave two-way detection are sometimes used at the same time, appearing on the same camera.

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