How to use a wireless intercom doorbell

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As times change and technology advances, visualization becomes an important feature of doorbells. It can see the visitors outside the door as well as warn of the exploration of the wrongdoers. Improve the level of security and protection at home.

How to use a wireless intercom doorbell?


1.the method of use is relatively simple, with the ordinary telephone is the same principle, if there is an accident, you can press and hold the alarm button of the indoor unit, the outdoor unit will send out an alarm, scare away the lawless elements outside the house, but also be able to attract the attention of the surrounding households. What's more, you can observe the situation outside the house in real time through your cell phone, which will be a very important function when you have children or the elderly at home.

2.when someone rings the bell from outside, the outdoor unit will automatically transmit the signal to the indoor, and the visitor to talk, if you want to let the visitor into the house, just press and hold the unlock button on the screen, and then hang up the call.

Precautions for Indoor Unit

(1)Click the answer button when you hear the ring, you can talk with the outdoor unit, the indoor unit with visual function can also see the image of the visitor to confirm whether the person outside is recognized or not.

(2) After confirming the identity of the visitor, press the unlock button to open the door. If you hang up, you can end the call without opening the door.

(3) After hanging up the call, you need to place the microphone of the indoor unit on the receiving switch, otherwise the next visitor will not be able to call. Of course, nowadays, some indoor units don't have microphone, so don't worry about it.

Other Functions

1.If there is an accident, you can press the alarm button of the indoor unit, and then the indoor unit will emit a continuous alarm sound, which can attract the attention of the neighbors.

2.The video contrast of the indoor unit does not need to be set, usually factory has been debugged, the bell can be changed according to the user's preference.

3.In our sold so many visual doorbell, found that customers get the product encountered the most problems, is about the doorbell in the network problem, often because of the steps out of the wrong lead to the network is not successful. Next, we will talk about the specific process and precautions of the network in detail.

①Click the doorphone management APP on your cell phone.

② Click WLAN Settings.

③ Click WLAN Configuration in WLAN Settings.

④ Press the WIFI pairing button of the visual doorbell.

⑤ Enter the WiFi password and click Start Configuration button.

⑥ Click to open the APP pairing QR code on the top left corner of the homepage.

⑦ Scan the code with the cell phone APP, complete the operation according to the prompts, and wait for the pairing between the cell phone and the doorbell to be completed.

4. In the process of use, visual intercom doorbell will inevitably be stained with some dust, you can regularly wipe the indoor and outdoor units, in the wipe, you need to wring out a wet towel, can not let the moisture into the body, or it is likely that there will be a short-circuit of the wires.

5. If the visual intercom doorbell appeared no way to talk to the situation, it is likely to be inside the line has some problems, in this case you can find after-sales service to deal with.

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