How to select and connect the use of Tuya APP smart doorbell

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Doodle Smart, is an easy-to-use and hassle-free smart life control application. The following is an introduction to how to connect your devices with Doodle Smart, with its thoughtful interactive design and stable and efficient cloud backend. If you have not yet learned to use the smart home app, then follow me to get familiar with it,

Tuya smart (neutral name Smart Life) is a smart home platform similar to Xiaomi Mijia that supports access to a large number of smart home products. If Mijia is a consumer-facing (to C) smart home IoT platform, then Tuya should be developer-oriented (to B). From publicly available information, as of the third quarter of 2021, there were 446,000 developers registered with Doodle Smart, while the number of online devices and end-users is not available on its official website, which indicates that Doodle does not place much emphasis on end-user data and that its positioning is for commercial customers, or OEMs.

The positioning of Doodle is to provide SaaS and PaaS services for smart homes, i.e. software and platform service providers, providing platforms and services for traditional home appliances to access the network and achieve intelligent functions. Its essence is to serve B-side customers, so if you are an ordinary end-user, you need to consider this when choosing Doodle.

Doodle currently has access, covering products such as traditional lighting, electricians, sensing, home appliances, sports, health, security, outdoor travel, gateway central control, etc.

So how should Doodle connect devices?

Smart devices based on the Doodle program commonly include smart switches, gateways, various sensors, door magnets, human infrared sensors, fingerprint locks, cameras, etc. So how to add these devices to the Smart Doodle App?

We say that the method of adding each smart device is more or less the same, the most direct: choose to add the corresponding product, long press for a few seconds, the signal light flashes, and then scan the gateway QR code to join.

For WiFi devices, first, connect WiFi, then connect the device; for ZigBee devices, first, connect WiFi in the connection of the gateway; after the device has joined the gateway, only ZigBee devices need to be connected, and the corresponding gateway can be selected.

At present, except for the camera-to-join differences, most of the smart devices are connected by the above operation. If you can't connect to the device for a while, you can power it off and try again. After connecting to the device, you can remotely control the smart products on your cell phone.

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