How should I choose: all-in-one machine or a split machine ?

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As people become more aware of their security, doorbells are becoming more and more popular in every home. So many doorbells are available on the market. How should we choose?

I put the doorbell on the market in two major categories. One class is the mainstream of the integrated machine; a class is a split machine.

The so-called doorbell all-in-one machine is also called the Dingdong doorbell. It is a machine that integrates all the functions of the doorbell by connecting the app to achieve the effects of unlocking the intercom, motion detection, and monitoring. The all-in-one machine is easy to install and requires no wiring. The price is favorable, is a more popular machine on the market

The split machine of Jiashong Technology, on the other hand, is composed of a doorway machine and a gateway. The information acquired by the doorway machine is transmitted to the gateway, which is then compressed and transmitted to the app. The private protocol uses the 915 MHz band through the gateway as the carrier. The functions achieved are roughly the same as those of the all-in-one machine. The difference lies in the product's performance, signal strength, and transmission distance.

The disadvantage of the all-in-one is the high drop rate and unstable signal. The doorbell power consumption is strong, lithium battery replacement is frequent. Expensive.

Through Jiasong''s split video intercom doorbell and the gateway as a carrier, the signal transmission is farther and more stable. At the same time, the Jiasong R & D team developed low-power technology, and the standby time is 2–3 months. Save the use of lithium batteries. Also supports plug-in power. The lens used has 200 watts of HD pixels, a waterproof rating of IP65, and PIR induction detection within 5 meters. The material used for the doorbell shell will also look more high-end. Expensive has its reason. So in the 2 kinds of visual intercom doorbells. Which one would you prefer?

Wireless doorbell without batteries means that the transmitter uses energy capture technology, when the transmitter emits a signal the receiver receives the signal emitted, and the signal is transformed into a voltage value, which is input to the latch, and then through the receiver peripheral control circuit to control the relay action, so that the parts work. It can collect the energy when the user presses the doorbell button and convert it into electric energy to drive the doorbell sounders to ring the bell. Its indoor unit, which is also the doorbell sounders, needs to be connected to the mains. The control signal generated by the doorbell button is sent out through the wireless signal transmitter, and the wireless signal receiver of the indoor unit receives this wireless signal to ring the bell.

The wireless doorbell system consists of three parts, each part of the system communicates with the other to realize the functions of voice intercom or visual voice intercom, monitoring, taking photos, and unlocking. The microphone and camera collect the voice and image signals and convert the analog signal (for analog-to-digital conversion) to a digital signal. The main processor processes the voice and digital image signals, such as compression and enhancement, and then transmits the compressed signals through wireless signals.

With the unremitting pursuit of "high quality, high technology, high cost-effective and perfect service", Tianluo Technology creates win-win situation with customers and wins the favorable comments from domestic and foreign customers.

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