Differences between visual intercom doorbells

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Visual intercom doorbells are based on analog signal transmission and digital signal transmission for short distance communication.the market is generally known as visual intercom system, building visual intercom system.

Visual intercom doorbells can be categorized into several different types through the following three aspects:

1.According to the installation of the doorbell is divided

Divided into wired doorbell and wireless doorbell. Wired doorbell installation is more troublesome, need wiring, generally used in engineering projects. Home visual doorbell installation is convenient, just use the transmitter with double-sided sponge stickers or screws fixed in the outdoor, the receiver installed batteries or inserted into the indoor power supply can be used.

2.According to the division of doorbell transmitter power supply

Divided into active doorbell and passive doorbell. Active doorbell transmitters need batteries to provide power, stable performance, beautiful appearance. Passive doorbell transmitters use kinetic energy converted into electrical energy to provide power, never need to replace the battery.

3.According to the encoding and decoding method of the doorbell

Divided into fixed code doorbell and learning code doorbell. Fixed code doorbell receiver and transmitter using the same address code, the same address code is easy to re-code, if the user wants to increase the receiver or transmitter in the factory standard configuration, it will be a very, very troublesome thing.

Wireless visual intercom doorbell use precautions

1. A lot of wireless visual doorbell transmitter battery below a small gasket, some people may think that this gasket is not useful, in fact, this gasket is very important, the battery below the pad with this small gasket can be contacted normally, the transmitter can be used normally, so do not throw it as a piece of waste paper.

2. Wireless doorbell should not be installed in the television, induction cooker, microwave ovens and other electromagnetic waves next to the appliances, try to stay away from these appliances, otherwise electromagnetic waves will interfere with the signal received by the doorbell.

Doorbell is every family will have the product, before the doorbell style are still relatively single, with the development and progress of science and technology, people began to research and development can be a long distance communication distance wireless doorbell, since there is a super long-distance range wireless doorbell this product, our life has become more convenient. Affect the distance between the doorbell, the distance between the signal transmitter and signal receiver. If you choose a product with a signal distance that is not very far, in the process of using it, the product signal will be unstable. Therefore it is important to install a wireless doorbell with a strong signal. Then the following. Let's learn about this wireless visual intercom doorbell from Tianluo Technology.

This wireless visual intercom doorbell, connected to the 2.4G private protocol gateway. The signal is added to the active wireless design, and the installation does not need to remove the wall wiring. One machine, one code. Black color appearance makes people feel mysterious and high-end. The function is more diversified.


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