Common problems and solutions of full touch screen wireless video doorbell

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A full touch screen is referred to as a touch screen, which can realize multi-touch, sensitive operation, with the characteristics of not being easy to accidentally touch and high durability. often used in intelligent electronic products. The most common is the cell phone. Then Jiasong Technology will apply a touch screen to the wireless visual doorbell. At present, the newly developed wireless 7-inch visual intercom doorbell does not encounter problems on the touch screen. However, to bring better products to customers, we need to avoid the poor product experience that may be brought by the touch screen. The R&D team needs to make advanced predictions and solutions. Then the following is a summary of the R&D department's work on the wireless visual intercom doorbell touch screen, which may encounter several major problems.

1. After using a period touch no response

In the process of long-term use of the capacitive screen, the screen, and its internal control circuit due to the accumulation of static electricity, the whole device will be covered with static electricity. if the grounding type of the machine is not good enough, resulting in serious deviations or even failure of the touch screen.

2. Power on a blue screen (after ten minutes of power on the screen becomes a blue screen)

The cause of failure may be the motherboard CPU, the motherboard LCD negative pressure being too low (the LCD negative pressure being 0), or the motherboard failure.

Black screen, dead screen

The cause of failure may be: the inverter burned bad

Power supply burnout

The cause of failure may be that the power supply transistor had a high-current breakdown, and touch screen repair requires the replacement of the motherboard.

The screen can not be switched

The cause of failure may be: the panel surface cracks leading to poor touch.

Touch dead

The cause of failure may be the customer's misuse of software.

5, touch normal, the motherboard program does not respond

The cause of failure may be: motherboard failure, replace the motherboard

Jiashong technology has very high requirements for touch screen suppliers to reduce the inconvenience caused by the touch screen wireless visual intercom doorbell. the choice of large brands of touch screen suppliers, while the company set up a touch screen QC testing department. Before production, each piece of the touch-screen wireless visual doorbell was tested and then handed over to production for the next step in the process of production. Extend the service life of each product and increase the experience of the doorbell.

As a manufacturer of wireless visual intercom doorbells, the lens selection should be how to choose

As we all know, the doorbell can spread the ding-dong sound pressed by visitors, but its greatest use is to protect your family. When only the elderly and children are left at home, they can also keep an eye on every move outside and make sure the identity of the visitor is safe before opening the door. Therefore, a good lens depends on the clarity of the picture presented outside the door, and the exploration of the situation outside the door plays a vital role in accuracy.

So how should the wireless video intercom doorbell be selected for a good lens?

Cameras are divided into two categories: digital and analog

The digital camera can be video capture equipment that converts the analog video signal into a digital signal that is then stored in the usurper.

The video signal captured by the analog camera must go through a specific video capture card to convert the analog signal into digital mode and compress it before it can be converted for use on a computer.

Currently, digital cameras are the mainstream, and analog cameras are not.

There are two types of digital cameras: CCD and CMOS.

CCD: charge-coupled device.

CMOS: complementary metal oxide semiconductor

1. FF fixed focus camera

Currently, the most popular camera is mainly used in 0.3- and 1.3-megapixel cell phone products.

2. MF two-step zoom camera

Mainly used in 1.3 and 2-megapixel cell phone products, mainly used for telephoto and close-up, telephoto for landscape, close-up for business cards, etc. with

3. AF auto-zoom camera

Mainly used for high-pixel cell phones with MF functions, used for 2 and 3-megapixel cell phone products.

4.Z00M auto digital zoom camera is Mainly used for higher pixel requirements, with pixel quality above 3 million.

So what kind of lens does JASON Technology use to configure the wireless video doorbell?

The 7-inch full-touch wireless doorbell camera of JASON Technology has 1080p pixels, and the 7-inch face screen has 1280*800 pixels, which is about 1k. very high definition. The selected camera is a full-focus camera. The lens supports a 160° wide angle, the large viewing angle of the video information. At the same time, Jiasong technology uses a 2.4g signal, which is 3 times more than ordinary wifi. Add the smoothness and clarity of the video.

Jiashong is a wireless innovation for the purpose, has its own R & D team, technology development, production, and processing sales in one of the high-tech technology industry companies, and is a high-tech innovative enterprise.

With the unremitting pursuit of "high quality, high technology, high cost-effective and perfect service", Tianluo Technology creates win-win situation with customers and wins the favorable comments from domestic and foreign customers.

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