Is it better to use cloud storage or TF card storage for video intercom doorbell storage

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Which storage is better for wireless video intercom doorbell images and videos? Next, let's discuss.

Memory cards are local storage; you can read and write at any time, no network required; network disks are server cloud storage; only through the network can you read and write. And what are their advantages and disadvantages?

The advantage of cloud storage is that the video will not be lost, and the space size can be freely chosen. Monitoring video is automatically saved in the cloud and supports remote video playback. The disadvantage is that renting cloud storage space is expensive and requires continuous investment. In addition, because cloud storage requires data transmission through the network and the cloud, the surveillance video cannot be saved to the cloud when the local network fails.

The advantage of memory card storage is that the surveillance footage is local. That means the camera can achieve video storage in the case of network disconnection. In addition, memory card storage is cheap, a one-time investment in a memory card costs only a few dozen dollars. The disadvantage is that once the memory card is damaged, the surveillance footage will be lost and cannot be retrieved.

Cloud storage function, the video can always be saved in the cloud during the service period, if the service expires but not renewed, the system will automatically delete the past video files after the expiration (when the service is about to expire, the system will automatically remind the user that the cloud video will be deleted), at this time, if the user wants to retain the past video, you can download the video on the cloud to the local, or renew the cloud storage function.

Storage cards can be used for local storage, and the user can configure its storage mechanism in the cell phone APP, such as 24-hour uninterrupted recording or detecting the situation before recording; if you choose 24-hour uninterrupted recording, when the memory card capacity is exhausted, the device recorded video will automatically cover the earliest video by time, indicating that the capacity of local storage is limited.

JASON Technology R & D new product - low-power wireless full-touch visual intercom doorbell

With the strengthening of people's protection awareness, doorbells slowly became popular among every family. So how should we choose a convenient and useful doorbell? Then I as a doorbell ringer, shared with you my insights.

Doorbell, we must first consider the installation of the problem; most of the doorbells on the market belong to the wired doorbell. In the installation to be wired, the cost of labor at the same time affects the beauty of the door. In addition, we have to consider a doorbell electricity problem; most of the market plug-in model doorbells require a socket if there is one at the door, but we also need to place the socket and wire electricity. Further is the signal problem. As a result of the signal transmission nearing its end, the signal is unstable. The resulting disconnection. No monitoring of important information. Then the doorbell also lost its meaning. In use, most buttons on the market and cell phones terminate doorbells. If the elderly and children are at home, it is not easy for them to browse and view. Because of the aforementioned considerations, Jiashong Technology created a visual intercom doorbell with a full touch screen and low power consumption. It solves all the above problems. The following is the performance of the product; you can learn more about it.

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