How to choose the right TF card for doorbell

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In the past, TF cards were mainly used on cell phones. It is a kind of multi-functional memory card. It is mainly used to control and manage the internal storage core by receiving commands sent by users for control and setting, responding according to the commands, and then executing operations such as reading and writing data in response. There are many brands of Micro SD cards on the market, and well-known brands have their characteristics. So when using the doorbell, how should we choose the right TF card?

The one with too strong performance is not a cost-effective waste. Bad performance, the quality is too poor, and it will lead to not normal recording video (write speed is too poor, speed is not stable), or playback cannot read the video normally (read speed is too poor, speed is not stable), or the video cannot even be inserted into the camera after the recognition (quality is too poor). So mainly through which aspects should I assess it?

1. Capacity

2. Speed

The doorbell camera can support the maximum capacity, which is limited by the hardware performance (mainly the coding chip). The manufacturer will generally indicate that the camera can support the maximum capacity of the TF card.

Cloud storage If you are worried about TF card storage not being safe, such as the camera being destroyed, the TF card is damaged, stolen, etc., You can also open cloud storage services, and video footage is saved in the cloud, so even if the camera or TF card is damaged, stolen, etc., you can still play back the previous video footage from the cloud.

The use of a genuine TF card is the key; if you use the TF card from unknown sources, not a regular manufacturer, then all of the above is for naught.

The JASON Technology doorbell uses a Kingston TF card. Kingston memory card quality is very high after a long time and will not occur after a serious failure caused by the machine can not be recognized or slow transmission speed caused by a variety of data loss. And Kingston's reading speed and storage speed are very fast. All these unique features have contributed to the advantages and popularity of Kingston memory cards. Great privacy and security protection for the doorbell's photography storage files.

With the unremitting pursuit of "high quality, high technology, high cost-effective and perfect service", Tianluo Technology creates win-win situation with customers and wins the favorable comments from domestic and foreign customers.

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